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     Jasmin Newman 

The Pocket  Genie

On-Call Coaching and Personal Development Consultancy for Business Owners

Personal Development Coaching 

I believe that every one of us has a responsibility to be better. Throughout the course of our lives we allow past experiences become our stories for the future. We accept patterns of behaviour that used to be foreign to us and we slowly adapt to living less than what is ideal for us.  

It's time to break out of the rut and be free from what is debilitating you. 

Business Development Consultancy

Having been self employed for over 25 years, I understand the struggles businesses owners face and what they sacrifice in order to keep the doors open. 

What I've found in my personal and relationship coaching is that my clients businesses invariably recover when they do.  

I will spend the time with you to understand your specific needs and tailor a service which meets those. 

How is it different  to other programs?

It’s not a program as such, It’s a system which is customisable for the individual needs of my clients. The Pocket Genie is different because I’m not about micromanaging clients.  It’s very much about their individual journey, with guidance and support to keep them focused. I am simply your on-call consultant for times to help minimise and prevent crisis.

I've assisted entrepreneurs in their start-ups who were lacking confidence to go to the next level, established business owners who were bogged down in running their business and avoiding the necessity of marketing, and CEO's who needed someone to reign them back from being self destructive workaholics. I've also worked with many individual clients who needed a gentle reminder of the power of their own potential to live a fulfilled and happy life. 

I think we all need someone to guide us at various times. 

I will

  • Help you with clarity, direction and purpose
  • Hold you accountable 
  • Put a spotlight on things you are missing
  • ​Help you gain and keep perspective 
  • Give you customised, personalised service

So you can

  • Feel the benefits of growing professionally and personally 
  • Look differently at issues as they arise
  • Prioritise what is important to you 
  • Feel supported during phases of growth
  • Experience the freedom and joy you deserve

What Others Say


I have worked with Jasmin Newman since February 2017 when I was referred to her by a mutual colleague. As a small business owner I was essentially floundering in trying to take my business to the next level.

I had some systematic issues as well as personal issues and needed someone with acumen, expertise and above all empathy to help me navigate my way through.

Jasmin provided that in spades. A no nonsense, get down to the nitty gritty and tell no bullshit person she helped me identify the key issues that were slowing me and stifling my success.

Greg Stock

Financial Planner​


Jasmin appeared right when I was completely stuck with taking my business from a startup to product launch.

She helped me create a storyboard for my marketing which gave me absolute clarity when it came to my branding and promotional material. 

In such a short space of time I gained confidence and even more determination than I thought possible. 

I'll be forever grateful for her guidance, professionalism and friendly approach, right when I needed it most. 

Aaron Duffy 
The Mac Project - Melbourne


Jasmin is a true lifesaver. She helped me at a time when my personal life had hit rock bottom. My marriage had broken down and my business was about to take a nose dive too. I was hardly holding it together when someone suggested I contact her. 

Very soon Jasmin helped me realise that it wasn't hopeless and all I needed was to work through things day by day.

With some wise words she gave me clarity. She helped me work out a strategy and I've stuck to it like glue. I'm still here and so is my business! Life is good. 

Jeff B
Small Business Owner

A Story of Growth

Jeff was going through a bad relationship breakup at the time he first contacted me. It seemed for him that everything was falling apart. His business had been struggling for years as the digital marketing space had evolved and he hadn’t reacted quickly enough to the changing needs of clients.

He felt that the stress of this had largely contributed to the failure of his marriage. His partners expectations that he should just work harder made him feel like a failure and ultimately only caused him to do less, not more. Eventually he lost his house and his family life was in tatters.

Jeff came to me desperately seeking a fix for his business problems. Unfortunately life doesn’t work that way, and neither do I.

We started our work together addressing his level of confidence. As I saw Jeff, he was a fighter. He had survived some dark times personally and professionally and somehow he still had his magnificent sense of humour. He had already presented me with a wonderful foundation to build from.

We all have innate skills and a unique way of connecting to others. Sometimes all that is needed is to tap into the heart of who we are as individuals and the growth just happens naturally.

Jeff’s business is now back on track and he has contact with his children again. At last update he was heading out on a date!!

Jasmin Newman

I am on a mission to provoke thought and to ask deeper questions that encourage not only reflection, but introspection.

I want to ignite a fire in people which generates the realisation that you are responsible and accountable for your outcomes and that you hold the keys to your own success.

The magnitude of rewards this brings can not be measured in KPIs alone. It’s a visceral response that will see your personal and professional goals of the past be superseded by nothing short of excellence. 

"Our level of happiness is the difference between our expectations and reality" 

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